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Salary Exchange tool – Version 6.2 – Download
This tool should not be used for Scottish taxpayers

If you wish to download and save the tool to your pc, laptop or to a usb, follow steps 1-8. If you are saving version 6 to a USB which holds a previous version follow steps 1-6 and then skip to step 9.


1) Create a new, empty folder on either your computer or usb to save the tool to.

2) Use the following link to download version 6: to download the update file.
The following dialogue box will appear, prompting you to save the file:

3) Click on the ‘save’ button and you will then be prompted to choose a location on your computer, somewhere you will easily be able to find again, to save the file (depending on your security settings, you may be shown a website in the background saying ‘action cancelled’, you can just ignore this). Once you have the location, click ‘save’ again.

4) When the download is complete, click on the ‘close’ button.

5) Now that the file is downloaded, go to the location where you save the file to. Double click on the zip file, named ‘’.

6) Choose the ‘extract all files’ option (in Windows XP this is either in the file menu or on the left hand side of the window; in Windows Vista or Windows 7 it; is shown in the tool bar at the top of the window). A new window will appear, click ‘next’.

7) If you are installing to a pc, laptop or usb, click on ‘browse’ and choose the new folder you created in step 1. Once you have selected the folder, click ‘ok’ and then ‘next’.

8) You will then be advised that the extraction was successful – click ‘finish’. You have now successfully saved and extracted the files to your chosen location.

9) If you are updating a usb that currently holds version 1 (or another previous version) of the salary exchange tool, follow steps 1-6 as above. At the stage where you are ready to browse for the location you will need to find the usb drive (ensure your usb stick is inserted). This can usually be found under ‘My Computer’ and is labelled ‘Removable Disk’.

10) Once chosen, click ‘ok’ and then ‘next’. Once the extraction is complete, click ‘finish’. You may be prompted to ‘replace all files/folders’, choose ‘Yes to all’.

11) To run the new tool, double click on the ‘Salary Exchange.exe’ file (this is the red one) from either your usb stick or from the new folder you created.

12) Depending on the security settings on your computer you may see a dialogue box advising that the publisher could not be verified, if this appears, click ‘run’ to bypass it.

13) To confirm that the new version is running, you will see version 6.2 in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.